Each day your car's paint job is exposed to some of the most crucial elements known to man, bird poop, sand, road tar, road salt, and so much more. That's why it is very important as a car owner to have your car washed regularly, as these type of elements can damage your paint; and even leave permenant spots. 


Waxing your vehicle at least 2 times a year will help maintain the shine, and quality of paint life on your vehicle if practiced properly. The one thing many owners need to know is the exterior of your vehicle is just as important as what is under the hood, it needs the same attention and care on a regular basis. Our techs use a carnauba -based liquid wax that produces incredible clarity, color and depth to your vehicle with only one application. 


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- The Express+

- Vacuum Interior / Trunk

- Floor Mats Shampoo

- Spray Wax

CAR $50  -  SUV $70+ 



- The Standard+

- MD Carnauba Orbital Wax 

- Clay Bar Treatment

- Floor Mats Washed/Treated

- Seats Cleaned/Treated

CAR $140  -  SUV $175+



- The Full Monty+

- Pre-Wax Hand Wash

- Clay Bar Treatment

- Best Of Show Orbital Wax

- Clear Coat Polish

- Tip Clean Vents & Cracks

- Carpet Shampoo

- Air Freshener

White Glove Experience


CAR $200  -  SUV $250+

*Excessively stained, soiled, grundgy or dirty vehicles may have a completley different finish than that of other vehicles, basically due to the care and maintenance from it's owners. Please be courteous of your wash tech's when they are servicing your vehicle and understand that  they are working hard to do the best job possible, to deliver an almost perfect showroom product. Excessively dirty vehicles may require an additional charge, applied by your wash tech. Additional charges will apply if your auto requires other services not detailed in your package. 


We reserve the right to refuse service to any vehicle we deem un-safe for our wash tech in the field, that may cause harm; or other health related issues. Our wash tech's will not be permitted to work/service ANY molded/mildew, or bio wasted vehicles. Management will make all final decisions.